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Winning skilled workers

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Lusatia needs new approaches to be perceived as an attractive region. Because the demand for skilled workers in the region is enormous and continues to grow. The industrial park “Schwarze Pumpe” for example needs up to 5,000 skilled workers in the coming years. In the surrounding region further new jobs of this magnitude are expected. Joint action is needed to meet this challenge. So a new form of inter-municipal cooperation with the business community is now being pursued by the mayors of of the towns of Spremberg/Grodk, Hoyerswerda and Weißwasser/O.L.

At the suggestion of the “PROF-ISP” project (Project Skilled Workers in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Triangle) conceived by the Wirtschaftsinitiative Lausitz e.V. (WiL), they signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) on August 9th to recruit skilled workers jointly, across borders and in close cooperation with the business community.

From left to right: Christian Krause – project leader CERENERGY Altech Batteries GmbH, Bernd Loose – Geschäftsführer Actemium BEA GmbH, Torsten Ruban-Zeh – Oberbürgermeister Hoyerswerda, Christine Herntier – Bürgermeisterin Spremberg, Torsten Pötzsch – Oberbürgermeister Weißwasser, Tim Berndt -Geschäftsführer WiL e.V., Arno Liendl – General Manager Hamburger Rieger GmbH (Picture: Tudyka.PR)