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Creative visions for the “Schule am Planetarium”

On February 7, 2024, around 55 interested parties met at the Braugasse 1 community centre in Hoyerswerda to find out about, discuss and help shape the future of the “Schule am Planetarium” site. After a welcome from Christian Hoffmann (Head of Business Development/Public Relations), the afternoon was moderated by Andreas Kretschmer (LAUTECH Project Manager).

Many people can be seen in the hall, sitting at small round tables and listening to Christian Hoffmann, Head of Economic Development and Press and Public Relations, as he welcomes guests to the event.
Around 55 interested people attended the planning workshop at the Braugasse 1 community centre.

Three student groups from TU Dresden presented their visions for the site, based on the results of the workshop on 18 November 2023, and were met with amazement. One group presented the idea of a “planetary garden”. Others presented various ideas for repurposing the existing building fabric or their design for a climate tree grove in which climate-resilient tree species are trialled. Anyone who wanted to find out more details about the students’ work had the whole afternoon to read up on the posters on display or talk to the students directly.

Provided with visions and food for thought, students were able to realise their ideas on a small scale in the model-making workshop. In the neighbouring sketching lounge, there was the opportunity to sketch many different ideas on paper.

Those who wanted to fortify themselves first or simply wanted to chat were in good hands in the storytelling café. There they could ask questions about “vertical farming”, for example, or answer a questionnaire to measure acceptance of the project. Everyone was able to take away memories of the day: Small plant pots with self-sown herbs and vegetable plants.

All in all, it was an event full of possibilities and ideas that now need to be written down and implemented.

Here are some impressions:

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