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“Rainbows in Hoywoy”: A musical tribute to Hoyerswerda

The Danish artist duo Christian Gundtoft, a painter and digital artist, and the musician Line Bøgh, who perform together as Linebug, have included Hoyerswerda in their creative work. With “Rainbows in Hoywoy” – released on 23 February – they bring a piece of music that shows the city in a whole new light. This song is part of a series that explores smaller towns in eastern Germany and focuses on Hoyerswerda with its remarkable history and friendly people.

During their stay, Gundtoft and Bøgh discovered that Hoyerswerda is more than its past. They found rainbows everywhere – a symbol of hope that inspired them to write the song. “Rainbows in Hoywoy” reflects the changes that the city and its inhabitants have experienced since the 1990s. It tells the story of a community that has worked hard to make Hoyerswerda a place of diversity and new beginnings.

The song and its accompanying video show the beauty of Hoyerswerda and its inhabitants, who show the city in a positive light despite its challenges. The message is clear: Hoyerswerda is looking to the future with hope, supported by the creative recognition of Linebug.

On 2 November, the duo will give a concert at the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda in the community centre “Braugasse 1”. “Rainbows in Hoywoy” is not only a tribute to the city, but also an invitation to rediscover Hoyerswerda through the eyes of art and to celebrate the vibrant community that it is today.

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