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A non-partisan alliance consisting of 56 elected citizen representatives who are committed to structural change in Lusatia.


The Stroga Festival for Drum’n’Bass, Techno, Electro and Minimal will take place in Knappenrode for the first time this year.

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So far, more than 200,000 meters of fiber optic cable have been laid by Breitband Hoyerswerda GmbH in the city!

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Hoy is colorful!

From May 6 to August 31, 2023, a colorful program of street music will take place in both the New Town and the Old Town.

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With more than 2,000 members, Sportclub Hoyerswerda e.V. is the sports club with the most members in the district of Bautzen.

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District anchor

A “socio-cultural citizens’ meadow” at changing locations in the city, enlivened by numerous actors and local institutions.

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Join in via the MiMa

The city-participation initiative or “MitMachstadt” is for everyone who would like to advance Hoyersewerda with their ideas.

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DiegoHY fashion with a passion

DiegoHY is a social project for a very special person. “HY by Diego” are cool clothes for a good cause and Hoyerswerda.


RAA-ising awareness

The RAA Hoyerswerda/ Ostsachsen e.V. aims to strengthen and promote education, democratic awareness and life perspectives.

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The OSSI youth clubhouse is a popular meeting place for children, young people and adults.

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Digital project map

The Saxon Agency for Structural Development (SAS) offers a digital overview of structural change projects.

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Eight percent of global CO2 emissions are caused by cement production.

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Foto: Wochenkurier Hoyerswerda


Foto: Wochenkurier Hoyerswerda

The STARK (strong) program supports non-investment projects in structural change, such as scientific monitoring or consulting.

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40 billion

The federal government is providing 40 billion euros in structural funding for the affected coalfields.

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The districts of Hoyerswerda Neustadt are called residential complexes, WK for short, and are numbered with Roman numerals I to X.


In 2022, one-third of the electricity generated in Germany and fed into the grid came from coal-fired power plants.

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There are over 200 clubs in Hoyerswerda in a wide variety of areas.

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RBA stands for Regional Monitoring Committee (“Regionaler Begleitausschuss”) and is involved in the selection process of the transformation projects.

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Young Lusatia

The association and network of young people from Lusatia working on a version for the region (“Junge Lausitz”).

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Strong for Lusatia

The platform Strong for Lusatia (“Stark für die Lausitz”) provides up-to-date news on many topics related to structural change in the region.

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Touchable model

Since March 2023 Hoyerswerda has a sculpted relief of the old town which you can touch.

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Over 50,000 patients are treated annually at the Lusatian Lakeland Hospital in Hoyerswerda.

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A Hoyerswerda club for teenagers and young adults, just like in the old days.

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Saxony’s longest music festival

“Musikfesttage Hoyerswerda” is the longest traditional music festival in Saxony.

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The area-related integrated action concept (GIHK) is an innovative approach to supporting young people.

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Serbja we Wojerecach

Translates as “Sorbs in Hoyerswerda”. The Sorbs, a small Slavic people, live in Lusatia.

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Bild von Pexels auf Pixabay

Rock poet

Bild von Pexels auf Pixabay

Gerhard Gundermann – rock poet and songwriter from Hoyerswerda.

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Athens Charter

The construction of the New Town was based on the architectural ideas of the “Athens Charter” urban planning document. 

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Around 1,600 small, medium-sized and large companies operate in the Hoyersewerda urban area.

Low Seismic Lab

The German Center for Astrophysics is building a Low Seismic Lab, an underground laboratory nestled 200 meters deep in the lusatia granite.

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Hoyerswerda is one of five municipalities nationwide that have a municipal development advisory board (“Kommunalen Entwicklungsbeirat”), or KEB for short

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This is a digital platform of the city library. It has all associations, initiatives and “engaged” places listed.

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Janko Šajatović

Also known to many as Johann von Schadowitz, this man became the legend “Krabat” through great deeds and his deep faith.

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The Lusation workshops (Lausitzer Werkstätten) offer over 350 jobs for people with disabilities.

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Foto: svklimkin auf Pixabay


Foto: svklimkin auf Pixabay

That’s how many students studied at Hoyerswerda schools in 2020.

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The Hoyerswerda LP

The CD with artists and bands from Hoyerswerda about Hoyerswerda.

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This was the year when a baron of the Dubá granted Hoyerswerda the town charter on December 19.


Is the number of inhabitants of the city of Hoyerswerda. Status: 31.12.2022