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SimRa – Cycling research project

On the initiative of the cycling group of Mitmachstadt Hoyerswerda, the Hoyerswerda region is now part of the research project “Safety in Cycling” (SimRa) of the Technical University of Berlin and the Einstein Center for Digital Future. Every cyclist in Hoyerswerda & the surrounding area can participate by using the SimRa app and thus become part of the Cycling-science-community.

In the SimRa project, researchers use a data-saving smartphone app to collect data on where it is particularly dangerous for cyclists in the city. The researchers can then use this data to make targeted recommendations for action to make cities more bike-friendly and safer. SimRa is currently available in over 30 cities and regions throughout Germany.

To participate, all you need to do is install the corresponding smartphone app. To collect data, simply start the recording before starting the journey. After the trip, special events can be marked on the map and commented on afterwards. The anonymized data can be sent to the TU Berlin server and is then freely accessible online.

The app can be found free of charge in any app store on cell phones.

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