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Confirmation as a specialist provider

On December 22, 2023 the Lausitzer Seenland Klinikum and all its specialties were confirmed in the hospital plan of the Free State of Saxony. This classification by the Saxon state government is a recognition of the outstanding achievements and commitment of the entire team at the hospital in Hoyerswerda. At the same time, this confirmation shows that there is a need here in the region to provide comprehensive care to patients with innovative medicine in stable structures and modern workplaces.

Managing Director Juliane Kirfe (center) with some of the chief physicians in front of the entrance to the clinic.

Lausitzer Seenland Klinikum leading medical institution in the region

The basis for the repeated classification from 2024 is the status as an academic teaching hospital as well as the targeted investments in a wide range of disciplines, state-of-the-art equipment, medical practices, institutes, centers and specialized care services that the clinic has continuously provided over the past 14 years.

The future begins now

Confirmation as a specialist provider was by no means the last goal that the Lusatian Lakeland Clinic wanted to achieve. New plans are already in the works. As part of the structural change, a surgical robot and a hybrid operating theater will be installed this year – a significant innovation in patient care, but also an investment in the attractiveness of the location for future doctors. In the medical field, we are also aiming for certification as a breast center. In addition, the expansion of the in-house vocational school has been applied for as part of a structural change project. The aim here is not only to create modern learning conditions, but also to be prepared for new job profiles arising from increasing digitalization.

Background to the hospital plan

A new hospital plan will apply in Saxony from January 2024. Even though Saxony’s Minister of Health, Petra Köpping, is still talking about a “transitional solution” in view of the hospital reform currently being discussed at federal level, one thing is certain: the Lusatian Lakeland Clinic will continue to operate as a specialist provider from 2024. This means that the hospital will continue to fulfill supra-local key tasks in diagnosis and therapy and play a central role in emergency care.

The care level is decisive for the role of a hospital in the hospital requirement plan of the respective federal state. In the new hospital plan, the Free State of Saxony still has a total of 76 hospitals with locations spread across the entire state. There are standard and specialist care hospitals throughout the state, flanked by maximum care and specialist hospitals.

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