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Extension of the Hoyerswerda Zoo

A project of the Zoo, Culture and Education non-profit LLC (Zoo, Kultur und Bildung Hoyerswerda gGmbH)

Better conditions and new attractions

What’s behind it?

In 1959, Hoyerswerda was enriched with an exotic highlight. After the city community actively supported the construction of several enclosures and aviaries in the former castle park, the zoo was officially opened!

From today’s perspective, there is once again plenty to do. The Hoyerswerda Zoo is to be qualified and expanded to increase the attractiveness of the Lusatian Lakeland. The “Master Plan Zoo Hoyerswerda” serves as the basis for the development of the zoo. The plan was divided into development sections and associated sub-projects.

1st sub-project – “Economic yard”:
The first sub-project was officially approved during the third Regional Monitoring Committee gathering on June 1, 2022. Its focus is to reinvigorate buildings on newly acquired land. A modern kitchen for the preparation of animal feed along with new hay and straw storage is planned. Additionally, a solar energy system will supply the required cold storage cells with electricity. In this way, the site will evolve into a farm that meets the requirements of the 21st century. Among other things, sub-project 1 serves to improve working conditions. The employees in animal care benefit from more efficient processes, improved hygiene, shorter distances and less physical strain. In this way, the current 28 jobs will be secured in the long term.

2nd sub-project – “New construction in the Asia area”:
The second sub-project focuses on the “Asia” section, south of the castle. Here, several enclosures (for pelicans, gibbons, dwarf buffalos and red pandas, among others) are to be converted or newly built. A Sorbian farm will be added. Furthermore, the landscaping will be adapted. The project received a positive vote in the fourth Regional Monitoring Committee gathering on November 3, 2022.

Further sub-projects are to follow.

At a glance:

  • Development of a modern farm yard, as the first subproject
  • Includes conversion of the building substance on the newly acquired areas (functional rooms, social rooms for the animal caretakers), conversion of an annex to a feed kitchen, new construction of hay and straw storage as well as the installation of a solar energy system on the roof to supply the cold storage cells
  • New construction of the Asia area as the second sub-project, including the conversion of several animal enclosure complexes, the design of a Sorbian farm and the improvement of pathways

Contribution to structural change:

  • Securing 28 jobs (+4 trainees) directly at the zoo.
  • Creation of 8 jobs through the implementation of the zoo concept
  • Indirect creation of jobs at partners (for zoo cash register +1, for cleaning +1) and service providers (feed suppliers, maintenance of buildings/technology…) as well as a positive effect on jobs in the tourism sector in the Lusatian Lakeland (through a rising number of guests)
  • Expansion of high-quality value-creation chains in cultural, nature and active tourism

Facts and figures:

Project executing agency:Zoo, Culture and Education non-profit LLC (Zoo, Kultur und Bildung Hoyerswerda gGmbH)
Project volume first subproject:approx. 1,559 million €
Project volume second subproject: approx. 2,942 million €
Implementation period:2023 – 2026
Funded by:Coal Region Investment Act (InvKG)