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Development of lake Scheibe

A project of the city of Hoyerswerda

Recreation and sustainable tourism

What’s behind it?

Lake Scheibe is considered THE local lake of Hoyerswerda. The central goal is to bring Hoyerswerda and the region closer to the lake, i.e. to strengthen the local recreational function of the lake for Hoyerswerda’s population potential, to improve path connections and to create points of attraction. Less than ten minutes from the city center, the former open pit mine will become a symbol of change and an example of an economic, attractive and socially and environmentally compatible use of a post-mining landscape.

A major goal of structural change in the Lusatian mining region is to increase the attractiveness of the Lakeland as a destination for vacation and recreation by further improving the range of tourist attractions in the region. The planned development on the western shore of Lake Scheibe will integrate the city of Hoyerswerda even more strongly into the overall context of the Lusatian Lakeland tourism region. This is also expected to have a positive impact on the quality of life in Hoyerswerda.

Alexander Kopec vom Planungsbüro Eta AG, Frank Köhler von der Baufirma Kasper und Schlechtriem, der OB sowie LMBV-Manager Gerd Richter.
Already in May, a new parking lot was symbolically opened at Scheibe Lake. Photo: Hoyerswerdaer Tageblatt

At a glance:

Infrastructural and media-technical development of the western shore of Lake Scheibe into a center for recreation and sustainable tourism through development, construction of a landmark with a view over the Lusatian Lakeland, adjacent bathing area with a promenade, snack bar and a pier that is permanently built and can be used as an event location.

The project is composed of two measures:

Measure 1:
Development measures, neighborhood heat supply, construction of the pier, slipway and landing stage, the creation of the beach with promenade and compensatory measures.

Measure 2:
Construction of a landmark with a viewing pier and open-air facilities with technical equipment as well as the construction of a gastronomic facility.

Contribution to structural change:

  • Creation and safeguarding of jobs and training positions in the tourism sector
  • Expansion of the tourist offer in the region

Facts and figures:

Project sponsor:City of Hoyerswerda
Project volume: approx. 26,0 million €
Implementation period:2024 – 2026
Funded by:Coal Region Investment Act (InvKG)