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That´s #WHY!

The Podcast from Hoyerswerda

On your ears. Podcast. Go!

That’s #WHY! – a podcast about structural change in Hoyerswerda. That’s just what we needed! It really is, Lisa thinks. After all, you hear a lot about the city – and it’s not always positive.

As a region that is heavily influenced by the coal industry in the Lusatian mining area, Hoyerswerda and the surrounding area are in many aspects more affected by the coal phase-out than other areas. This podcast displays the struggles, opportunities and prospects of the structural change in form of an entertaining documentary audio play.

Disclaimer: This podcast is only available in German.

Want to hear a little sample? Here is the trailer:

That’s #WHY! is available wherever there are podcasts to listen to! Free of charge, of course!

With the kind support of the Saxon Agency for Structural Development (SAS)